Wired rewrites their app to meet Apple’s requirements

Apparently Wired is rejiggering their mobile app so that it no longer runs as an AIR application, and instead is programmed with Objective-C. Did anyone else see this coming?

It’s one thing to use Adobe’s AIR platform to create a proof of concept tablet magazine, and it’s another to think that you’ll be able to use it on the iPhone after years of anti-Flash rhetoric coming out of Cupertino.

Apparently Condé Nast was hoping to create a version of their application so that it would be multi-platform. This is where Adobe’s AIR technology came into play, and it would have been a smart move if Jobs wasn’t so hell-bent on keeping Flash off of Apple’s mobile devices. But, Jobs doesn’t want Flash on his devices, and everyone even remotely connected to the industry is well aware of that. Every single person who’s been keeping dibs on the situation knows that Jobs is adamant about Flash’s exclusion from their devices, and everyone knows Jobs doesn’t change his mind too often.

Wired and Adobe are now scrambling to reprogram the Wired app in Objective-C. Go figure.

So this begs the question, who the heck was in the room when Adobe pitched a Flash based app to the Condé Nast group? Anyone with a remote bit of sense knew the likelihood of Jobs approving Flash-based technologies on the iPhone and iPad were slim to none, and yet somehow they went down the Adobe AIR road anyway.

Sure, the application is going to run on a host of other devices, so the project isn’t a complete loss, but it’s still rather mind-blowing that they set out to create “an Apple-approved Wired app” and came out the other side with an AIR application.

Article Via AllThingsD

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