WhiteiPhone4Now has closed down their website

The kid who had enough ingenuity to source white iPhone 4 parts from Foxconn (up for debate) and then sell them on the internet for a profit of more than $130,000 has finally closed down his website.

Last month, Lam was approached by a private investigator who was representing Apple. The investigator was trying to prove that the kid was selling stolen merchandise, and he may have succeeded. Adding to the kid’s troubles,Foxconn denied selling the kid the white iPhone 4 parts, and Lam found himself looking for legal representation.

Lam emailed Cult of Mac to let them know that he was taking down the site, but he didn’t elaborate on the “whys.”

Shutting down the website is probably a smart move, and at least we won’t have to see any more bogus “white iPhone in the wild” posts on the internet for a while.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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