It’s official—the White “Unicorn” iPhone is officially coming this spring. Mr. Philip Schiller himself took to the Tweetstream and let it be known to all that not only will we see a White iPhone this spring, but that it’s also a beauty.

What’s surely expected to be the most popular iPhone to date, considering the coverage volume, the white iPhone may ship this spring, but it won’t necessarily be a white iPhone 4.

Taking Schiller’s Tweet at face value, he doesn’t mention the iPhone 4 at all. So, it may be likely that the white iPhone everyone’s waiting for will actually be a part of the iPhone 5 announcement. It makes sense when you consider that the iPad 2 has recently shipped with a white option.

I guess we’ll see in due time. Kinda makes you wonder about all those white iPhone 4 sightings from late last year, doesn’t it?

Article Via Engadget

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