White “Unicorn” iPhone is coming this spring according to Schiller

It’s official—the White “Unicorn” iPhone is officially coming this spring. Mr. Philip Schiller himself took to the Tweetstream and let it be known to all that not only will we see a White iPhone this spring, but that it’s also a beauty.

What’s surely expected to be the most popular iPhone to date, considering the coverage volume, the white iPhone may ship this spring, but it won’t necessarily be a white iPhone 4.

Taking Schiller’s Tweet at face value, he doesn’t mention the iPhone 4 at all. So, it may be likely that the white iPhone everyone’s waiting for will actually be a part of the iPhone 5 announcement. It makes sense when you consider that the iPad 2 has recently shipped with a white option.

I guess we’ll see in due time. Kinda makes you wonder about all those white iPhone 4 sightings from late last year, doesn’t it?

Article Via Engadget

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