Weathercube (Finally) Released Into The App Store

Weathercube, a sexy new weather app for iOS, has finally been released into the App Store. I’ve reported on this app before when it hit beta last month, and trust me, I definitely expressed my excitement for the app in that article. If you’re unaware, Weathercube is a completely new take on the iOS weather app. Since the app is completely buttonless, every action is completed via swipes and other gestures. The app also features a beautiful user interface that looks to be the product of a Microsoft Metro and Clearapp marriage.

So, what do I think of Weathercube? I can’t give a full review right now, but I can definitely tell you this: I think the app is pretty darn good. Weathercube is very responsive when navigating through all of the different parts of the “cube” that the app is housed in. I’m also a huge fan of Weathercube’s user interface as it’s much more intuitive than the other weather apps I’ve used in the past. However, I have run into a few bugs when trying to share the current forecast with my friends via Twitter and Facebook as well as when I tried to change the app’s theme. Hopefully these bugs are fixed in a future update.

If you’re ready to change your mobile weather experience, I’d definitely recommend checking out Weathercube for iOS. If you’d like to download the app for yourself, be prepared to drop $1.99 USD and hit the link we’ve provided below this post. To see the app in action, check out Weathercube’s promotional video, which we’ve embedded above.

Via: @emieljanson

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