Weathercube: A Beautiful New Weather App For iOS That’s Coming Soon

Weathercube Finally Heads Into Beta, Still As Sexy As Ever

Weathercube is a beautiful new weather app which features intuitive controls, awesome colors and an great interface. The Weathercube app is housed in a cube, hence the name. The user can swipe between sides of the cube to view the current day’s weather, hourly weather as well as many other views. Taking design cues from Clear, Weathercube offers different colors for each side of the cube that the app is housed in. Beyond the interface, Weathercube features weather coverage in 1.7 million cities, tons of colorful themes as well as Twitter and Facebook integration for sharing the weather in the area with your friends.

When can you get Weathercube for yourself? We’re not sure yet. Weathercube is currently being tested by an army of beta testers. As of now, information beyond this has yet to be released; however, we should expect the final version to be released in the near future. We’ll update you as soon as Weathercube is finally released.

Personally, I’m quite excited for Weathercube. The user interface looks absolutely amazing, so I can only hope the user experience lives up to my original anticipation once it is released. With all of the cool swipe and pinch controls, I believe that this may be the best weather app yet. The only thing I’m concerned about is the source of the weather information.  I really hope that Weathercube is either using a variety of services or one very reliable source so users will be able to get the most accurate weather information possible, and can always be informed of active weather alerts. Unlike the weather app built into iOS which uses Yahoo’s weather service to get its information. Yeah, those readings are never right.

Source: Weathercube Blog

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