Where’s My Water? Disney Mobile’s Latest Game for iOS

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water?, a game developed by Disney Mobile for iOS, is said to be taking aim at the Angry Birds empire. The $0.99 game isn’t just for kids though – it actually gets quite difficult as you go along, making it challenging and enjoyable for adults as well.

The game has a simple storyline that doesn’t require words or audio to understand. When you open the app, you are shown that Swampy lives in a sewer and just wants some clean water to bathe in. Your task is to make sure the clean water gets to Swampy’s shower by digging through the ground, moving gates, and avoiding toxic substances.


What’s Macgasmic

Disney has not disappointed with Swampy, the lovable alligator featured in the game. It’s a fun story that reminds me of my childhood Disney favourites.

I was ready to say “wow, this game was made for anybody younger than 10,” but once I played a few levels it actually got very difficult. Where’s My Water? makes you combine problem-solving techniques and physics to make sure Swampy gets his shower. You receive bonuses for hitting all three rubber duckies (how appropriate), completing the level quickly, and overflowing the bath tub (not that making a mess should be rewarded…don’t try this at home).

I was also very impressed with how accurate and life-like the movement of the water appeared. The quality of the graphics and rendering is quite impressive. This game is very addictive in nature, which makes it the perfect candidate to be a huge hit among children and adults alike.

What could be better…


While you may want to say that you downloaded Where’s My Water? for your kids…try it out for yourself. It’s a smart game, that has a nice, fun design. With a $0.99 price tag, you can’t afford not to have this on your device. Though by the sounds of it, you may have to shell out in the near future for some plushies and other merch – Angry Birds style. Either way, if you don’t beat all the levels in one session (it’s that addictive), it will definitely gain you a few hours of silence from the kiddies.

Jen Butson is the Marketing Director at Select Start Studios in Ottawa, Canada. We're a design and engineering team where creating beautiful mobile products is more than just our day job.