Watch out for iPhone 5 scams on Facebook

A lot of people are excited about the new iPhone. Given Apple’s tight lips about when we can expect it, there has certainly been increased interest in the device. Officially, there’s no word on when it will ship, or how it will look, unless someone at Gizmodo manages to “find one” in a bar in the near future.

Until Apple either announces one, or Gizmodo “finds” one, it’s important to exercise restraint when random links start popping up around your social networks that promise first looks or inside information.

According to Redmond Pie, scams have been popping up on Facebook promising to “expose” the iPhone 5 for the first time. Once you click on the link and fill out a captcha, the website then posts the exact same thing on your wall for all of your followers to see.

While the only thing nefarious about the scam seems to be a couple of survey requests, it is a little bit annoying that people are baiting us into filling out boring surveys to take a sneak peak at an iPhone 5.

The scary thing is that the Wall post claims to be an article from Wired News in the header. The obvious tell that it’s fake at this point is that directly under the post title a link to a random .info website appears.

So let this be a PSA to all. Read everything about a Facebook post before you click on a link. If something seems fishy, it probably is at this point. It’s probably only a matter of time until one of these links takes you to a malware infested website.

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