Want To Scare Your Friends This Halloween? Check Out This iPhone App

If you’re stuck while trying to find a Halloween costume, look no further than Mark Rober’s new iPhone enabled t-shirt. These shirts go under the name Digital Dudz, and when paired with the Digital Dudz iPhone or Android app, can really scare the crap out of your friends. So, how exactly are these shirts iPhone enabled? Simple: once you’ve downloaded the Digital Dudz app and picked an animation, slip your phone into the iPhone pocket on the inside of the shirt and voila, it looks like there are maggots crawling out of your chest. If you want to see this in action, check out the video we’ve embedded above.

So, how much is the app and shirt? To start, the app is completely free. And honestly, the whole project could be free if you don’t mind dissecting an old t-shirt. But if you want the full experience, check out the Digital Dudz website and expect to drop $24 on an iPhone enabled shirt. If you want to get even more gruesome, check out the iWound, which sells for $34.95 and will make you look like you have a gaping wound in your chest.

Source: Digital Dudz via Cult of Mac

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