Waiting on the new iPod Touch? “Leaked” image surfaces, no front-facing camera

If you’re a huge fan of the iPod Touch lineup, and prefer the Touch over an iPhone, you’ve probably been disgruntled for a while, as the iPhone underwent revision after revision and your Touch got neglected. There’s been rumours around for a while now that the iPod Touch would be getting a camera for some time now, and some even speculated that the last version of the Touch was supposed to ship with a camera, but Apple pulled it from production at the last second.

Well, it looks like the day may be coming sooner rather than later (likely at the September event), and those people waiting to upgrade their iPod Touch will have the luxury of a camera and flash, according to leaks from Macbidouille. Of obvious interest here, however, is the lack of a front facing camera, and subsequent exclusion of FaceTime, considering MacRumors has posted a pretty legit looking LCD screen that shows the inclusion of a front facing camera.

It’s curious that these two items are contradicting each other, and that the camera has been excluded from the “leaked” iPod Touch case shot, considering Apple made sure to point out that FaceTime was going to be opened up to other devices. Apple’s even gone so far as to create a way to connect FaceTime calls over email, instead of relying on the cellular network. Keep in mind that this is a rumour, and both of these images could be a giant crock.  Personally, I have a hard time seeing Apple releasing an iPod Touch without FaceTime access. A lot of people would be pretty pissed.

Article Via AppleInsider

Photo Credit: PurpleLime

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