VoiceJam 1.2 from TC-Helicon lets you loop, tune, and create tracks with your voice


What do Imogen Heap, Kraftwerk, Snow Patrol and Bootsy Collins have in common? They’re all artists that use TC-Helicon products to treat or loop their vocals. TC-Helicon is a Canadian company that is dedicated to making pro gear strictly for vocalists. They have a number of voice processors, vocal loopers, and a whole line of vocal stomp boxes. Today they released an update to their VoiceJam app for iPhone and iPad, and it adds a whole lot of new features to their music making app.

Basically the app allows you to record a short phrase, whether it’s a sound, a beat, or a melody, and then it repeats it back to you over and over, in a loop. Then you can layer other sounds on top of it to create a track using multiple sounds over top of one another.

The new version adds an input meter so you can see how loud you’re singing, a loop mixer to adjust the level of each loop, an uncompressed high quality SoundCloud sharing feature, and the option of in-app purchases to buy additional vocal effects. The first module available is the VoiceTone C1 module, which does HardTune pitch correction similar to AutoTune, that effect you’ve probably heard on countless songs (and the news) by now.

Until May 15th, the in-app C1 module is 60% off at $3.99, to promote the new version.

It’s hard to explain a looping program in words, so I’ll let their demo video show you just how cool this thing really is.

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