Virgin Mobile Starts Selling Prepaid iPhones

Earlier this month it was announced that Virgin Mobile would begin selling the iPhone 4 and 4S off-contract by the end of the month. The phone itself costs the same as it would at Apple: $649.99 for the iPhone 4S 16GB and $549.99 for the iPhone 4 8GB. The prepaid iPhone offers an unlimited data plan for $35 a month.

Virgin Mobile is following in the footsteps of Cricket Wireless’s offer of prepaid plans for the iPhone. Cricket offers the 4S for $499.99, which is cheaper, but the unlimited monthly data plan costs a higher $55.

This looks like a pretty good deal if you’re not holding out for the highly anticipated new iPhone. Rumors abound about the new features and design that the iPhone 5 will have.  Check out the Virgin Mobile website for more details on getting a prepaid iPhone 4 or 4S.

Source: SlashGear and Virgin Mobile
Image Credit:MaximumPC

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