3D Rendering Of Apple’s Next-Generation iPhone Pops Up Online

With the upcoming release of the next-generation iPhone, there have been more rumors than I can keep up with, mostly in image and word form. Now, a new concept video of the alleged iPhone 5 has surfaced that shows all of the speculated features and components of the highly-anticipated iPhone.

The video was found by RazoaianFly and has based the iPhone design on the various leaks and rumors that have come from the Asian site iLab Factory. The 3D video shows the iPhone with a longer and thinner screen, a smaller pin dock connector, and a unibody design. Samsung’s newly released Galaxy S III is shown floating beside the iPhone to compare the two devices.

It’s still not clear which of these features, if any at all, will be seen in the next-generation iPhone when it is released. Until that time, rumors like this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If the rumors are true though, Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 5 on September 12, with a release date on, or around, ┬áSeptember 21.

Source: RazorianFly via CNET

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