Video: Brace Yourself, Scuffgate Is Here…

It’s not a new iPhone release without some kind of “gate” attached to it. This time around, with the iPhone 5, it seems like the vogue phrase is “scuffgate.” The iFixit team has put together a video demonstrating how easily the new backplate for the iPhone 5 scratches. The results aren’t pretty, but there should obviously be a little cause for concern, especially if you use your iPhone 5 naked and case-free.

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend walking around, going on a photo walk, and doing other things to prepare for our upcoming iPhone 5 review, and I’ve been doing all those things with a naked iPhone 5. The phone doesn’t have any scratches on it, despite accidentally spending time in a pocket with my keys. I’m sure the phone chips and scratches like every other phone on the planet, but I’m not sure that most will notice a problem.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions by watching the video above.

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