Video Of Every Adjective Used To Describe iPhones

This video of jump-cuts from every iPhone announcement is both amusing and saddening. We see Steve looking pretty healthy in 2007 for the original iPhone. In 2008 for the 3G, he looks a lot thinner. He’s missing in 2009 for the 3GS, but in 2010 he’s back for the iPhone 4, although he looks even worse. Then comes 2011 and the 4S. Steve isn’t there because he is quite literally on his death bed. It’s just too sad for words. Even though this video is very funny and shows off the quirky way that Apple chooses to express their enthusiasm for their creations, I can’t help but see this video as incredibly depressing.

It just shows what great affection we have for the man. Nearly one year after his death, it is still fresh enough in our minds that seeing his declining health shook us even in a moment that should be making us smirk. We all miss Steve, and this video really shows how revolutionary and breakthrough the man really was.

That said, if you can stomach seeing the decline in health, the video really is amusing, and it’s worth watching how the adjectives have evolved, and what they were focusing on in each event. Great work from the folks at BuzzFeed, and we’d love to see one done for the iPods, iPads, and Macs as well.

Source: BuzzFeed

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