Verizon’s CEO wants the iPhone. Will Apple accept?

Now that the iPad has been released, and people’s excitement has been brought down to a simmer, we now turn our attention to the iPhone — Apple’s next big mobile launch.  On April 8th, which is tomorrow, Apple will be announcing iPhone OS 4.0.  They more than likely will not announce the new iPhone, but who knows? There is only couple of months left before their traditional iPhone hardware update cycle. However, I would like to focus on Verizon, and their Chief Executive Officer, who is stating that Verizon wants the iPhone.

A Staff Writer for Electronista is stating that, Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s  CEO has offered to carry the iPhone.  Seidenberg goes on to state that he is in talks with Apple, but didn’t say if Apple is on board.  Last week I wrote an article entitled “Is Apple expanding the iPhone onto Verizon’s network?”, Here, I write how the iPhone might be coming to the Verizon network.  I also responded to a writers comment on how I don’t believe that the iPhone will be on Verizon until it upgrades it’s network to 4G LTE.

Funny thing about the comment, it appears that Seidnberg has the same outlook for the iPhone.  This is what he’d like to see:

“In follow-up details, he specified that he’d most like to have a 4G-capable iPhone but that it was “their call” at Apple as to what would ship. The LTE-based 4G network will go live in the middle of this year but won’t get its first phones until early 2011 at best.”

That sounds about right.  If Apple were to decide to add Verizon with 4G, it would have to wait till next year.  So for all you Verizon customers it looks like you will have to wait one more year.  Personally, I wish Apple would extend to Verizon and other carriers.  As I mentioned before, this would drastically improve AT&T’s network.

Verizon would be foolish not to want the iPhone.  They see how well AT&T is doing because of it.  The question is, will Verizon be willing to change their way of dealing with handsets, and loosing the reins.  Only time will tell.  My guess is yes, because after all they will have to make concessions.  They lost out once before because they were not willing to bend.  Let’s see what happens next.

Photo Credit: Ivan Seidenberg (Verizon)

Article Via electronista

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