Verizon sees small iPhone 4 lines, and we don’t care one bit

Listen, it’s pretty obvious right now that iPhoneggeden isn’t happening out in front of Verizon stores. Everyone and their brother is reporting on the poor showing today; we’re not going to report on it. Instead, I’m going to tell you why these reports are the stupidest things I’ve read in weeks.

The iPhone 4 is almost a year old and has been available to anyone who desperately wanted one when it first released.

People lined up at the AT&T and Apple stores because the iPhone 4 was new, seriously hyped up, and something no one else had. People had to get into line because supplies were low, and there was no guarantee that they’d get their hands on the original iPhone 4.

The AT&T iPhone 4 hype is an entirely different beast than this Verizon iPhone release. Why in the heck are we all concerned that Verizon stores aren’t jam-packed with people right now? People aren’t stupid. The same people who lined up for the iPhone 4 months ago know full well that an iPhone 5 is months away. Early adopters aren’t lining up for an iPhone 4, but they’ll line up for an iPhone 5 though.

Plus, maybe Verizon actually got the signup process right. Maybe pre-ordering was so easy that most people already ordered their phone and don’t need to go stand in a lineup.

I’ve never once stood in line for an iPhone or iPad. I place an order and have it shipped to my door. I’d suspect that most users buying iPhone 4s today on the Verizon network are doing the same thing.

Article Via New York Daily News
Photo Credit: William Hazlitt

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