Q and A: Why can’t my Verizon iPhone send emoji?

Q. I finally got an iPhone on Verizon. I was so excited to join my friends in all their emoji cuteness, but when they get my SMS messages all they see is garbled text with weird characters. Why is it broken on my iPhone?

A. You can actually send emoji characters to other iPhones users on Verizon, just not to iPhone users on AT&T. The way it stands now is Verizon doesn’t support sending UTF8 characters to other carriers. It appears AT&T doesn’t have these restrictions as our emojis make it intact to Verizon iPhones. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is something that Verizon can fix or would be willing to fix. I do however know this isn’t a developer issue. I would recommend calling Verizon support to see what they have to say on this issue.

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