Verizon iPhone 4 pulled apart and put on display by iFixit team

It doesn’t take very long for the fine folks at iFixit to pull apart a new iPhone. Today is no different—they’ve just pulled apart the Verizon iPhone 4, and surprisingly, it’s a lot like the GSM iPhone 4.

There are however a few points to note. The SIM tray is no longer kicking around, and the antennas have been completely reworked, which now makes them different from the GSM edition of the phone. It’s still uncertain if the new antenna layout will combat the BS “antennagate” problems.

If you want to check out the CDMA iPhone 4’s guts, complete with pentalobe screws, you can check it all out on iFixit’s website.

P.S. I bet you can’t tell which phone is which in the photo without cheating.

Article Via iFixit

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