Verizon getting the iPhone 4 HD?

A lot can change in a matter of hours on the internet. This morning we awoke to rumours and proof that Apple had reached an agreement with AT&T in 2008 to exclusively sell the iPhone up until 2012.

In case you’ve been travelling through time and forget what year we’re in, it’s only 2010. That should mean that the agreement is in place for a couple more years, but a “tipster” revealed to John Biggs that the fine folks at Landor Associates are working on an iPhone 4 HD advertisement for the Verizon network.

Is iPhone exclusivity a thing of the past? It seems that way, and it’s been that way in a number of countries for well over a year now. We said earlier today that if Apple’s going to compete with the Android phones they need to make their phones available on as many networks as possible. Bringing the handset to Verizon means a whole new crop of users for Apple, and it’ll surely boost sales of their device if the rumor is true.

Instead of rehashing what I said earlier, you can read my post here.

Article Via AppleInsider

Photos Via Gizmodo

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