Verizon dropping tiered data plans July 7

Verizon Wireless is dropping tiered data plans starting Thursday, July 7.

“We have lots of different ways for customers who may not be accustomed to this kind of stuff to check their usage in terms of data alerts, online tools, data calculators, things like that to help people decide what is the right plan for them,” Verizon spokeswoman Debra Lewis said to AppleInsider.

The new plans are:

  • $10 for 75MB of data per month
  • $30 for 2GB
  • $50 for 5GB
  • $80 for 10GB

Going over the allotted data amount will cost $10 per GB.

Tethering may be added to any plan for an additional $20/month, and comes with an additional 2GB. 4G users will have to cough up $30/month for tethering.

Customers already on unlimited plans — such as many, many Verizon iPhone 4 owners — can keep their unlimited data packages.

Via: BGR
Source: FierceWirless

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