U-Socket makes charging USB devices easier than ever

If you’re anything like me, I almost always charge my iPhone on my Mac or speaker dock. That said, I can never find the USB wall plug Apple ships with the iPhone.

The guys and gals at ThinkGeek seem to have solved this problem for me.

For $24.99, the U-Socket USB Wallplug uses regular US 110v power to supply 2.1 amps to a set of USB ports that sit beside regular grounded outlets, using built-in transformers. Genius.

Here’s the company’s video for installation, which doesn’t look too tricky at all:

Stephen Hackett, formerly a Lead Mac Genius at Apple, now spends his days running the IT department of a large non-profit in Memphis, TN. He writes about Apple, design and journalism at forkbombr.net. Like all twenty-somethings, you can find him on Twitter. Oh, and he has a dogcow tattoo.

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