Is This The Next Dock Connector Cable From Apple?

iLounge is reporting that a smaller iPhone sync cable has been photographed in China and sent to the web via Twitter. This cable features an 8-pin connector and full sized USB  plug for syncing and charging of compatible devices. The photo was taken by, an accessory seller based out of Shenzhen, China. When Veister tweeted the photo to iLounge, they did not give any information on whether or not the cable was an Apple OEM cable or a cheap replacement cable.

Some may have their doubts as the picture was posted without any information. However, this is the first time we’ve seen an 8-pin Apple sync cable in the wild, so only time will tell.

If you’re unaware, Apple is supposed to start the migration to these smaller cables next month with the next iteration of the iPhone, iPod nano and iPod touch. We may also see a smaller and more budget friendly iPad introduced next month as well. This new tablet is also supposed to sport the smaller dock connector.

Apple may be making these changes to the dock connector in order to allow for a smaller internal footprint. This gives Apple the chance to incorporate larger batteries and faster chips in upcoming devices.

Or, this cable could be complete B.S., which has happened in the past.

Source: iLounge

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