Unlimited data available to Verizon iPhone customers for a limited time

Despite the fact that no one really knows exactly what “unlimited” data means these days, Verizon has decided that a $30 data plan should qualify for “unlimited” status…for a “limited time.”

New Verizon iPhone customers will be offered a $30 unlimited data plan. The move is a clear attempt to lure unhappy AT&T customers away from their existing contracts and onto the Verizon network. 3G data plans have been a bit of mess over the years. Companies have slowly been moving away from “unlimited” plans to tiered pricing models.

The data plan issue is far from a US only problem, up here in Canada Rogers once offered an “unlimited” 6GB plan for $30.00 per month, but they have since stopped offering it.

If you have one of these amazing “unlimited” data plans, you’re going to want to hold on to them like they’re a golden parachute. At some point all of these carriers will make “unlimited” disappear, and you’ll be left with ever increasing bandwidth usage and ludicrous prices. If you have an unlimited data plan, don’t ever let it go.  Ever.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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