UK iPhone carrier speed test showdown have put together this short video showing the speed differences on the 3 main carriers in the UK by loading up Google Earth, one of the most data demanding apps on the iPhone 3G [S] all at the same time.
Vodafone (the new kids on the block here, having only had the iPhone for a matter of weeks now) come up trumps in the test, managing to locate them right down to street level and providing a nice clear image before Orange have really started up. O2, the elder in the game were not far behind Vodafone, but they only managed to get a rough area with lots of points of interest.

What does this go to show?

Maybe because Vodafone are new around these parts they did better than the others? Then surely there is no reason for O2 to have beaten Orange to the chase. O2 have been in the press recently about slow data on their network, and customers even losing connection completely, something they say they are working to make better in the future with more devices relying on heavy data use. Orange even boast that they cover more thanany other network, 93% in fact..

I don’t think this will be tempting me to move to Vodafone though. I’m out of my 18 month tie in with O2 now, and I phoned them up and managed to drop my contract by £15 and add another 700 SMS messages to my original plan. I still have unlimited data and the same amount of minutes. Told them I was just holding out for the next generation in June/July to which, of course, they said ‘we know nothing’ :)

If you’re in the UK, your contract is nearing it’s end, and you want to hold out for the ‘maybe’ next gen iPhone while saving some money each month, change to the simplicity 20 plan. Then thank me later.

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