Two new Apple commercials for your iOS devices

facetime ipad

Apple has two new commercials out showing off FaceTime and AirPlay. These are two well known features which I personally use. I love the interoperability of FaceTime between Apple’s devices such as my iPhone to another Mac, or even using my iPhone to talk to my kids on their iPod touches.

As for AirPlay, I find it a great way to listen to my music through my AirPort Express, or when I want to watch my movies from any of my iOS devices on my TV through my AppleTV. So if you haven’t seen the commercials yet take a minute and sit back for two new Apple commercials.

Source: Apple’s YouTube Channel

I'm a husband, dad of two great kids, and I have a passion for Apple products. I got my first Mac in 2005, and I haven't looked back. I like the simplicity of the Mac, and how does the motto go, oh yeah, It just works. I think that's the great thing about Macs how the hardware and software work harmoniously together. I've also been in the IT industry for over fourteen years. I've worked with everything from Windows computers to Mac computers. I can say I thoroughly enjoy working with Macs.

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