Twitter updates their iPhone and iPad app

Twitter has updated their iOS app. The biggest change is the addition of push notifications, so anyone who wasn’t using the Twitter app because of the lack of push support now has no excuse. Version 3.2.1 has push notifications for @ mentions and direct messages (which they seem to just call messages).

Will push notifications bring more people to the app? Some people are already using a third party app such as Boxcar to get those notifications.

From the Twitter blog:

“When you’re out and about, your phone probably isn’t always in front of you. It might be in your pocket or purse or on a table – perhaps with the screen off. We want to make sure you see important Tweets even when you’re not looking at Twitter at the moment. To help with that, today we’re launching push notifications for @mentions.”

Now, when you launch the iPhone app and click on the settings icon, there is an area below your username that lets you customize your push notifications on an account by account basis.

You can select if you want notifications from anyone, or just from people you follow, which may help with spam accounts sending @ replies to you.

I am hoping that they tie in Mac integration and work on an app for OS X. It would be great if we could sync our accounts across all of our devices while we use the official Twitter applications.

Article Via Twitter

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