Twitter Releases Version 5.4 Of Twitter for iPhone

Twitter has just released version 5.4 of its iPhone app. The update brings many improvements to the application, including an updated tweet window with real-time results and suggestions that will pop up when typing in a hashtag or Twitter username. Twitter has also updated the search window to include top tweets and big stories that pertain to your search. With the update, you can now also view full Twitter conversations. Finally, Twitter’s web page view has been updated as the function now shows the tweet that included the link on the bottom portion of the page. The tweet can be hidden and reopened via the pull-up tray.

Some of the less interesting additions to the app include the support for iOS 6 Twitter log out and traditional Chinese language support. Stability improvements have been made and video support for Vodpod, Mobypicture and the now (almost) dead Posterous. The official Twitter iOS app is available for both the iPhone and iPad for free via the App Store.

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