Tweetdeck shipping a major iOS update in a couple of weeks

The Tweetdeck team has set out to redesign their iOS application so that it’ll be “all kinds of wonderful.” According to the official Tweetdeck blog, the new version of the iOS application is expected to raise the bar of iOS applications across the board. That’s a pretty lofty goal for any developer if you ask us.

The blog post also points out that Tweetdeck has been rebuilt from scratch, and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Included in the new rebuild is a flexible column structure that lets you see your Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds in a single, merged column. That’s probably one of the things that have been missing from Tweetdeck. Hopefully we’ll also have the ability to merge certain Twitter searches into one column as well.

We’re looking forward to taking the new Tweetdeck for a spin, but I have to ask this basic question: If Tweetdeck is built natively for iOS, why are we still using an AIR application in OS X?

Article Via The Tweetdeck Blog

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