TweetDeck gets polished and pampered, hits 2.0

TweetDeck, the app rumored to be bought by Twitter, has undergone a major overhaul from the ground up. The app now features a new look, retina quality images, and support for all new iOS4 features.

It also introduces new features that make the app feel more alive and up to date with the current table of apps and not like that forgotten app that some people thought it had become.

As said in a blog post by TweetDeck themselves:

Pinch inward on a column to access column settings – for adding feeds, repositioning and deleting the column. Tap the status bar to jump to the top of the column. Pull a column down to refresh.

It seems like TweetDeck is not only trying to put their foot back in the door, but also trying to make it known that they’re here to stay and here to say tweeting doesn’t have to be all in the same fashion as it was once viewed. The new app doesn’t just look nice and have new gestures; the developers also made sure that it’s easier to manage, quicker when running, and all around a better experience for the end user.

You can see TweetDeck’s own full tour below.

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