Tweetbot 1.1 flies into the App Store

Tweetbot is without any doubt one of our favourite Twitter clients out there. The iPhone app from Tapbots just hit version 1.1, and as always, is now available as a free update for those of you who own the app.

The developers obviously listened to their customers’ requests and added a lot of highly requested features to the app: landscape mode, new options in the compose window, a better localization of your tweets and CloudApp support for your media uploads.

Most of Tweetbot’s criticizers were complaining about the lack of a landscape mode in the app. Tapbots replied to those screams and explained that they were working on it but that it would take a bit more time since the UI of the app is custom designed. That means they had to design every single button again, but this time for a landscape orientated display.

Now it’s finally here.

Tweetbot 1.1 brings the landscape mode to the compose screen, the media screen (you can now look at photos in landscape) and the web view screen, for looking at websites in landscape. There is still no support for landscape view in the timeline, but on an iPhone, that wouldn’t make much sense anyway because you would actually see less tweets than in portrait mode.

The compose screen got two new buttons, one to add a user to your tweet (@rely or @mention him) and a tag-picker, to easily add a hashtag to your screen. Both buttons will bring up a list of either the people you follow (alphabetically ordered) or a list of your most used hashtags. The localization of your tweets is now more accurate and tweets by others are now displayed more accurately on a map.

Tweetbot 1.1 also brings CloudApp support in the latest update. It adds to an already impressive list of available services to upload your media (photos, videos) to, when you put those in your tweets.

My favourite new feature of the new Tweetbot version is the improved way of loading missed tweets. When you haven’t opened the app for a while you are given the option to load the missed tweets by tapping on a little gap in your timeline. Before the update, those tweets were loaded below the the more recent tweets. For people like me, who scroll from bottom to top (oldest to newest tweet), this meant we had to scroll all the way down again to see the older tweets (because by loading the tweets below the newer ones, your position in the timeline is changed). With this update, Tapbots fixed this problem by loading the missed tweets above the older ones. That means that tapping on the gap now doesn’t change your position in the timeline anymore, but instead lets you go on scrolling from bottom to top, old to new.

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