Trainyard passes Angry Birds on the App Store

If you’re looking for a definition of staying power, you might want to do a quick study of Angry Bird’s dominance on the App Store. It’s been on the Top Paid listing for what seems like an eternity. But, today we’re not writing to you about Angry Birds. Instead, we’re pointing out that an indie video game on the App Store has removed Angry Birds from the number two spot on the App Store’s paid list. Matt Rix’s Trainyards has just dominated the birds.

Trainyards is like FlightControl, but with trains. Your job is to get each train to the appropriate station, and with a ton of puzzles, you’ll be playing it for a long time. I only started playing with it on Monday, so I’m not confident enough to make this a full review just yet. However, for $0.99 on the App Store, it’s definitely worth a try.  What’s great about this news is that indie developers can still get the recognition they deserve on the App Store.  It makes me especially proud that Matt’s Canadian.  We’re taking over, in case you didn’t know that already.

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