Track your meals on the go with Foodish for iPhone


Foodish by Alexander Repty is an app designed to track all the meals, snacks and drinks you eat throughout the day, and it helps you do it with a great laid-back approach.

Gone are the days of counting the calories and weighing each small piece of chocolate. Foodish is very easy to use — you can enter the details quickly and get back to the important things, like eating your meal.

Whenever you eat, launch the app and first decide if what you are eating is a meal, snack or drink. Once you’ve made a selection, you’ll then be able to enter in all kinds of  details about the food. Tap the title to change it, and then type in what you are having. Next you’ll be asked to select the level of healthiness of the food using a series of smily and not-so-smiley faces as the scale. Finally, you take a picture of the, and that’s it! It really is that quick and easy. You don’t have to include a picture, but to be honest, it does look a lot better having a photo, otherwise you are left with a blank square with just the title.

Everyone knows if the food they are eating is good or bad for them, and that is all you need to know to use Foodish. You can share all of your entries with Facebook and Twitter — we all like to share our huge pudding with our friends from time to time, so now is your chance! There is also the option to view an entry in Wikipedia of the food or drink you are having. A great little feature if you are eating something you have not had before.

What’s Macgasmic?

The UI for Foodish is really nice. It makes it a real pleasure to use. There are so many apps and books where you have to record the specifics in great detail, which takes up way too much time before you can just get down to eating what you are inputting. Foodish prevents watching what you eat from becoming a chore. It also stops making an issue of what you eat, giving a more relaxed approach way to monitoring your food.

What’s not?

When you indicate what it is you are having, you can only write a short title if you want to be able to see it all. It would be nice if there was also space for an additional entry where you could write an extension to the title. So if you want to go into more detail — like adding the name of the restaurant you are visiting and the location — then you can. Obviously this would take longer to input and this is not what the app is about, but if the option was available, at least to use occasionally, it would be great!


Foodish is a  great app that makes the chore of watching what you eat fun! A no pressure app that lets you go about your daily meals and offers you a relaxed overview of how well you are doing at eating healthily.

I am an iPhone fanatic. I currently use an iPhone and I use it for just about everything! Love playing most games on it and have many, many photography apps.