Toy Story Midway Mania for the iPhone

A few days ago I was in the Apps Store in iTunes, and I found Toy Story Mania.  If you have ever ridden the Toy Story Mania ride at either Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, California, or at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida you will be familiar with this game.  The ride at the Disney Parks consist of several Midway Boardwalk style games like the Ring Toss, Balloon Pop, and many more. Well they’ve taken these games and placed them in the palm of your hand.  In addition, there is a special surprise that can be unlocked while you are standing in line for the ride.

I’ve played several of the games on my iPhone, some I like more than others, but overall they are fun to play.  I found that shaking the iPhone to reload on some of the games can somewhat take away from the game play.  In Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’  Shootin’ Gallery, you simply move your finger across the darts to reload.  I would have preferred this method of reload on all of the games.

As an added bonus, they’ve incorporated a special surprise in the game.  If you are at either Park, and you are in line for the ride, take out your iPhone and open the Toy Story game.  Once you’ve opened it, navigate to the Menu button, then click on the Gallery Book.  It’ll be the book at the bottom flipping open and close.  Once there, you will see the Search button, go ahead and press it.  See image below.  It will perform its search.  Now it has unlocked 19 different Toy Story Midway Mania wallpapers for your iPhone.  The best part is when you leave the attraction the wallpapers remain unlocked on your iPhone.

So if you would like to continue to relive the ride on your iPhone or iPod Touch, or simply play it for the first time.  I would highly recommend purchasing Toy Story Mania from the Apps Store.  It is currently selling at $4.99.

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