Top Macgasmic posts of the week: April 25th edition

So anyone want to take a guess on what were the most popular posts of the week? iPhones, iPhones, iPhones and more iPhones. So I’m going to throw you an extra top post just so we can mix it up a bit. Here’s macgasm’s top 6 posts for the week of April 25th.

  • Rumor: Pictures of white iPhone 4S (née iPhone 5) surface online
  • Want a white iPhone 4? Wednesday looks like it’s the big day
  • Pft, who needs iPhone 5 rumors? Let’s talk iPhone 6 displays
  • This is my next unveils new iPhone 5 mockups
  • It’s happening, white iPhone 4 appears in inventory system
  • Rumor: MacBook Pro refresh may bring case design changes
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