TomTom app Coming Soon! (It’s Here!)

So the word on the streets is that in the US we will be seeing the official TomTom GPS Navigation app first thing in the morning! It is already available in Australia and New Zealand. The TomTom app has been one of the most anticipated apps for a while. When the app store was first introduced with the GPS capable 3G iPhone, TomTom said they would be making an app. But that was cut short when apple blocked out Turn by Turn navigation apps. Sadly though it is looking like the TomTom app is going to be close to $100 USD. I personally think that is a huge mistake, I would gladly pay $20 for it, But when the TomTom iPhone accessories kit is available it is rumored to be about $150 USD. Only time will tell. But be on the edge of your seat and ready to get the Official TomTom iPhone app first thing.

Update: The app is now in the US Store for $99 USD!

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