Today’s Top iPhone Apps

Not everyone is in love with the app store, but it is a great resource. Instead of having to search all over the internet to find cool apps, we have one mega repository for our applications. Apple maintains a list of the top ten free apps and the top ten paid apps for each category of the app store. Also, the landing page for the app store has the top ten lists for all categories together. To give you a sampling of what it is like, here are the top five free and paid apps for March 22, 2010:

Top Five Paid Apps:

This top five consists of two games, two utilities, and one entertainment app. All five of these cost $0.99 each.
Top Five Free Apps:

In contrast, this top five consist completely of games. People without cash in their pockets are craving games, it seems.

Image Credit: Jose Arocha, Ludia, Category 5 Games

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