Today’s New And Updated Apps: Weather Notifications, Clique, Epic, Interesting, Asphalt 8

There isn’t much of a theme today when it comes to new and updated apps on the App Store, but there are certainly some doozies worth checking out after you grab a snack and kill some time before bailing at work. Today’s lineup consists of entirely iOS applications, so if you’re looking for some Mac goodness, you’re out of luck.

Weather Notifications

mzl.xdygseye.256x256-75This is less of an application and more of a system preference, which is kinda unusual for the iPhone; however, Weather Notification is a custom push alert service that will send you notification updates based on the weather in your area. The app completely removes the need to have a weather application at all, which is something we can get behind.

You can get the notifications in the AM/PM, or night before, making it handy for preparing your fab outfit for the day.

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mzl.pcgfsxtx.256x256-75This brand new application from Viddy Inc. is a private, anonymous, group messaging application that lets you share your images with only your closest friends. Your buddies can comment, and interact with your photos, and once you’re sick of them you can remove them forever.

It’s basically Snapchat but for group interactions. Bow chicka wow wow.

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Another new release form Viddy Inc., Epic is another video application that lets you shoot and share slow motion videos with your friends on the iPhone. You can also push your videos to Facebook, Vimeo, Viddy, and YouTube.

We have a feeling that this one may turn into a hipster paradise for video geeks. If that’s your kind of thing, it’s worth checking out.

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interestingIf you have a hard time finding things to read online (what’s wrong with you), Interesting will put the most exciting stories in front of you for reading from over 20,000 sources.

Although, from the looks of its screenshots some of the sources are sensationalist crap, so we’re not exactly sure what their quality control is like over there. That said, the app certainly curates some fantastic stories from around the web.

The main section in Interesting includes, Design & Technology, News & Politics, Entertainment & TV and Sports. Basically, there’s something for everyone. You can also check out content from Dribbble and Reddit, so you’re not just limited to newsy content.

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Asphalt 8

mzl.hhbnaexd.256x256-75Asphalt 8 isn’t new, and it isn’t discounted for a short time. Nope, the popular iOS racing game is now free FOR LIFE. The game has been updated for the first time since August, but at this point you probably know all about the game, plus it’s free, so what’s the point of telling about it when you can go burn up the asphalt and get your gaming on. Gett’r done.

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