Tired of your 3G phone being so slow? Update coming says Jobs

I’m not one of those people who feel that a company should support a device into the infinite beyond. There comes a point where consumers need to update, and frankly, we’re on that cusp with the iPhone 3G. I own one, and I have to say, my phone’s super slow when it runs iOS 4.  Maybe Apple should have stopped iOS 4 support for the 3G and only let it run on the 3GS.

I half expected it when I updated, but when the phone booted again after the update, I immediately regretted it, it was slower than it had ever been before. My complaint isn’t with the update itself, it’s with the difficulty of restoring my phone to a previous edition of iOS. Shouldn’t it be a little bit easier to go back a major upgrade edition? You should probably know that I’m a major advocate of keeping my applications and operating systems completely patched, but I think iOS is a little bit different, especially on the iPhone. It starts to become annoying when I can’t answer calls on my phone anymore, and my only alternative to rectify the problem is a laborious journey to downgrade.

Should users be able to downgrade to say, 3.1.3 simply, if their devices are lagging? I use the word simply in context of traditional consumers, not the geeky variety. I can figure out how to downgrade my phone, but a lot of people will struggle with it.  If your phone isn’t fully supported by an operating system, shouldn’t you have the ability to roll it back?

The good news is Apple’s aware of the 3G problems, and they’ve decided to make good on their claims that iOS will run on the 3G iPhone, albeit in a reduced capacity. Apple’s official response? “Software Update coming soon.” Straight from Jobs’ iPhone. We might not have to wait much longer, but I can tell you this much, if I’m still super laggy in three to four weeks I might just upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Article Via MacLife

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