Ticket to Ride Pocket update adds asynchronous multiplayer via GameCenter

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Ticket to Ride Pocket, the iPhone version of Days of Wonder‘s award winning train board game, is getting a major update with the focus on multiplayer. Yes, finally, you can play against your friends across the world. The new Multi Mode uses GameCenter to find friends to play against, and each Multi Mode game can have up to four of your friends in it. What’s more, you can play multiple games simultaneously against multiple sets of friends. This mode also supports asynchronous gameplay, so you can switch from game to game, or even to another app without losing your progress.

“This is the update Ticket to Ride players have been clamoring for since we released Ticket to Ride Pocket,” said Eric Hautemont, Days of Wonder Founder and CEO in a press release. “We love online gameplay, but faced a challenge: how do you create a great online experience on a device like the phone that is constantly being used for other functions? We needed to build an experience where players could come and go as they please yet have something meaningful to do when they played; the thought of having multiple games going at once was what convinced us this could work. With Multi Mode, we’ve given players what they want without compromising on the gameplay that made Ticket to Ride so popular to begin with.”

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In addition to Multi Mode, the local multiplayer mode has been improved as well, allowing players to play against each other when connected via bluetooth or Wi-Fi, using any combination of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This release also updates the iPad version of the game to include the improved local mode.

If you’d rather play on your own, the game still offers Solo mode with 4 AI personalities, 20 unique achievements and 3 leader boards just for solo players.

I have to say, I’m a big Ticket to Ride fan, and this update brings it to a whole other level. A multiplayer level. If you want to play, hit me up on GameCenter, I’m yougenius.

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