The iPhone and iPod Touch are Getting Final Fantasy I & II

Square-Enix has announced that the first two installments in their popular Final Fantasy franchise will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. This isn’t Square-Enix’s first entry in the App Store. However, this is the first implementation of their most popular franchise.

No real details about the games have been released at this point, but looking at their current pricing for their App Store games gives us an idea. The lowest priced Square-Enix game is $2.99 and the highest is $9.99. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to bump the Final Fantasy titles to the $12 to $15 range during the launch.

So, what would you pay to play these games on your iPhone or Touch? Comment here or hit me up on Twitter.

(via Slashdot)

Photo Credit: spratmackrel

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