The 4-Inch iPod Touch Jumps Into The Rumor Mill

There has been a lot of talk about an iPhone refresh with a bigger screen, but the iPod touch has been left outside in the cold as the rumor mill heats up. Well, that’s about to change as the Japanese Apple rumor site Macotakara is now reporting that the iPod touch is in for a substantial refresh, including a 4-inch screen:

According to asian source, new iPod touch (5th generation) will have 4 inch LCD which is the same size with coming iPhone 5. CPU or other spec is considered to be same with iPhone 4S, and has different back-case design, which will be not mirror polished but buffed alminum one. And it seems to be prepared black and white color model.

Translation issues aside, this particular rumor doesn’t have much going for it, but it does bring up an interesting question. If the next iPhone does have a larger screen, and that’s a big if, will the iPod touch follow suit? Apple hasn’t been very aggressive with the specs of the iPod touch, but that doesn’t rule it out completely. Now that the $199 USD price point is being invaded by 7-inch tablets, the iPod touch will either have to get a lot better or a lot cheaper to remain relevant. While everyone else may be following the iPad mini and iPhone rumors, I think it may be time for us to start focusing on what will happen to the iPod touch. These next few months are going to be very interesting for the iOS device line-up. Everything might just be turned on its ear, but let’s not give these faceless and nameless rumors much credit. Until it’s announced by Apple, anything could happen.

If you’re interested in seeing the rendering they posted along with their report, take a look below the jump.

Image Credit: Apple
Source: Macotakara

Rendered from the rumor:

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