Take A Look At Apple’s Humble Trade Show Booth

While many companies choose to announce and show off their products at trade shows, Apple prefers to show off their products at their own press events. However, it looks like that’s slowly changing as an Apple booth was spotted at Surge Conference in Baltimore, MD. According to Gigaom, Apple attended the event in search of new iCloud engineers.

From the photos posted, it looks as if Apple’s booth isn’t anything too special. The booth is pretty plain and is covered in black cloth with a humble Apple logo in the center. If you’d like to see it for yourself, we’ve embedded a photo above.

If you’re unaware, the Surge Conference is one of the few tech conferences on the east coast. According to Gigaom, it’s one of the more “hip” tech events in the area. Engineers from Facebook, Spotify, Yammer and others attend the event to speak about their jobs as well as new and cool ways to produce new products. And since so many developers in the area come to watch these speakers, it’s a good place for Apple and other companies to find people they’d like to hire.

So, Apple, how about a return to Macworld/iWorld?

Source & Image Credit: Gigaom

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