T-Mobile Has 1.9 Million iPhones On Its Network

T-Mobile has just announced that it has 1.9 million iPhones on its network and that it is adding almost 100,000 new iPhones per month. This information comes via T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere who also notes that T-Mobile has added 200,000 iPhones to its network over the past month due to the holiday season. Since Apple doesn’t officially support either the iPad or iPhone on its network, all of the iPhones on the network are unlocked devices that were likely purchased at full price.

One of the reasons for such a jump in T-Mobile’s iPhone user base is likely the addition of iPhone 3G support. The company recently started to deploy 1900MHz cellular bands, which are iPhone compatible.

T-Mobile will begin to support “Apple devices” later this year. The company announced this information at Deutsche Telekom’s December 6th investors conference. T-Mobile told investors that it publicly entered into an agreement with Apple. This agreement was announced when T-Mobile proposed combining with MetroPCS, a regional American mobile provider. When T-Mobile does start to officially offer the iPhone on its network, it will be the fourth major American mobile provider to offer the iPhone.

Image Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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