Survey says gaming on phones tops the chart

It sounds pretty obvious when you actually sit down to think about it, but it’s a huge milestone nonetheless. Video game usage on phones tops both console and computers as gaming platforms. Who saw that one coming two years ago?

We’ll give you a moment to sit back and let that sink in for a second.


According to a study commissioned by PopCap games, 44 percent of people surveyed claimed that the phone was their primary gaming device. Comparatively, both game consoles (21 percent) and computers (30 percent) didn’t fare as well.

The implications for Apple are quite huge. When the iPhone first shipped, many at Apple balked at the idea that their phone was a gaming device. The iPhone as a game platform was avoided, but since then Apple’s been open to the new role for their iPhone. They’ve embraced it, and they find themselves battling with Nintendo and Sony head on in the mobile gaming market.

Think about it: How many people are walking around with mobile phones on a day-to-day basis compared to a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?

Like I said earlier, the findings seem pretty obvious in hindsight. A large majority of my gaming time is spent on my iPhone or iPad while I wait for a meeting, sit in a waiting room, or take a time out while I’m on the go.

Mobile gaming is here to stay, and don’t be surprised if Apple continues to increase emphasis on the iPhone and iPod touch as a mobile gaming platform.

Article Via All Things Digital

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