Supernova add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 announced

Fishlabs GoF2 Supernova - Mining Ship Mido

Fishlabs has issued a press release telling customers about the upcoming second add-on for their popular space RPG Galaxy on Fire 2.

From the press release:

Supernova will not only be more cinematic and more varied, but also at least twice as long as Valkyrie,’ says Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade. ‘We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the writing of the complex new storyline, which includes a lot of new mission types and makes for a truly outstanding gaming experience. But also the graphics and the sound design will be absolutely top-notch! When it comes to Supernova, the name really is the game!

The original game was visually stunning and hugely entertaining, and the Valkyrie add-on brought great additions and improvements. I, for one, am very excited about the prospect of 10 hours of new content for this game.
If you haven’t bought and played the game yet, be sure to grab it in the App Store.
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