Super Boxing 2: A Punch out clone for the iPad and iPhone

The best video game from my childhood had to be punch out, I spent hours and hours trying to kick Mike Tyson’s butt, but couldn’t even remotely come close. I’d battle my way there in what seemed like record times, just to have my ass handed to be on a silver platter time and time again. I never succumbed to the game genie crap that people were using to beat him either, if I couldn’t win on my own, I didn’t want to win at all–still to this day he kicks my butt.

There’s been a lot of attempts over the years to bring Punch Out to iOS devices, and the I found the closest thing possible on the App Store the other day, it’s not quite the same calibre, but Super K.O. Boxing 2 is a pretty solid rendition of the original.

Dodge, block, counter is the name of the game, and Super K.O. Boxing 2 holds pretty close to the original game dynamics of Punch Out. You can see the inspiration everywhere, there’s even hints from the boxers about their weaknesses in the opening sequences of the fight, just like in the original.  The controls are overlaid on the screen and worked a lot better than I thought they would.

On the whole I’ve spent most of the weekend playing the game, and it’s almost brought me back to my childhood, so if you’re feeling nostalgic in any way this might be a must-have for you.

The iPad Vs. iPhone version

We’re not sure if the iPad version is a direct port to the iPhone, or if the developers recoded it to make use of the extra screen real-estate, but the iPad version looks blurry when compared to the iPhone edition. It’s certainly playable, and still enjoyable, but you can’t escape the feeling that they cut some corners bringing the game to the iPad. The game also isn’t a universal application, instead you have to buy it twice if you’re hoping to play it on both the iPhone and the iPad. Given the blurriness of the iPad edition I’d personally recommend just running the iPhone version on the iPad and using the x2 multiplier to make it larger. You’re probably not going to notice much difference anyways.

A gripe: Roids

If you’re having a hard time beating a level they game will offer you the ability to buy roids for your character. While I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that considering kids will likely be playing this, I’m certainly annoyed that the roids are an in game purchase for $0.99. It took me off guard, but selling virtual drugs is something I just couldn’t get over.

Buy it for the iPhone or iPad

You can purchase the iPhone version for $0.99, and the iPad edition for $2.99

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