Studio Neat’s Glif Now Available For iPhone 5

Studio Neat’s Glif stand and tripod mount is now available for the iPhone 5. The Glif was (and still is) extremely popular when it was released and funded via Kickstarter in late-2010. You can use the Glif as both a vertical and horizontal stand for your iPhone as well as a tripod mount. Studio Neat has said the following about the Glif:

“Our goal was to create something small, simple, and elegant. But out of this simple design emerges countless uses. Mount your iPhone to a tripod for taking great pictures or making movies.

Prop your iPhone up for hands-­free FaceTiming or to watch videos. All of that and more in a compact design that is manufactured in America.”

The Glif was just released for the iPhone 5 today. Studio Neat has said that the first batch of iPhone 5 Glifs will be making their way to its warehouse early next week. If you’d like to grab one for your iPhone 5, the standard Glif will run you $20 while the Glif Plus, which includes a keychain holder and Studio Neat’s “Serif”, costs $30. The “Serif” keeps your iPhone safe in the Glif while shooting videos in extreme situations. Studio Neat currently charges $2.50 for shipping in the United States and $7 elsewhere. You can purchase the Glif via Studio Neat’s online store.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.