Straight Talk To Start Carrying The iPhone

Straight Talk, a subsidiary of Tracfone, has just started to carry the iPhone. Straight Talk runs on AT&T’s network, though we’re not sure if iPhones on Straight Talk’s plans will support AT&T’s LTE network. iPhone users on Straight Talk’s network will be able to sign up for a $45 per month unlimited talk, text and data plan. People who want to use the iPhone on Straight Talk will have to either pay full price for their iPhone 5 or bring their own device and purchase a SIM card from Straight Talk. Straight Talk has claimed that these plans will save consumers $950 per year over other leading iPhone carriers’ plans.

Straight Talk’s partner, Walmart, will start to sell the iPhone 5 off-contract on the network. Users can also subscribe to Straight Talk plans in Walmart stores. Walmart credit card holders can pay an extra $25 per month to subscribe to a no-interest fixed payment plan for the iPhone 5. With a monthly Straight Talk service plan, users would be paying right around $70 per month for the phone and service. Straight Talk will be offering the iPhone 5 for $649 off-contract and the iPhone 4 for $449. Both phones will be offered in black and white. Unfourtantly, it doesn’t look as though the iPhone 4S will be offered on Straight Talk.

Image Credit: That’s It Guys

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