Stir gives you Friendfeed on your iPhone

Everyone either loves or hates Friendfeed. It goes either way, and you can’t sit on the fence about it. Some people can’t handle the fire hose that is information on the service, but some of us have managed to get it under control with some groups. It’s pretty fun over there, and there’s a lot of discussion that goes on. But, like every other community on the net, it was in some serious need of mobile attention.

The official mobile version of the application has been by far the best application for a while, but, it’s about to be eclipsed. Stir, an application for your iPhone has a lot of promise. It lets you do everything you can do on the native web application, but while mobile. Heck, it even lets you take photos with your phone and then attach them to your post.  It acts seamlessly with the web application version, and it’ll certainly let you get access to all of your groups, and lolcat pictures pretty quickly.

One thing I would like to see in a future version is the ability to like something or or comment on something by clicking on the icons on the front page.  Having to drill down to get access to those things aren’t the most convenient way to do it currently.  If you’re a light FriendFeed user it’s not too bad having to do it on occasion, but power users might find it a little bit of a pain as it stands right now.

All in all the application is handy, and lets me get my FriendFeed fix on the go, so I’m really happy about that.  It’s nice to have an alternative on the iPhone, so if you’re looking to replace the FFTOGO option, this is a great place to start.

Image Credit: Lisa Brewster

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