Starbucks releases a new iPhone app

Who doesn’t like a jolt in the morning to get the day started. Some of us try doing it the el natural way, but a large majority of us turn to caffeinated based products. Heck, most of us line up at Starbucks every morning. Well, your trip to Starbucks just got a little bit easier–if you live in the US.

You know those credit card things they’ve been pushing on everyone, that will give you some saving on some of those flavour shots, and soy milk alternatives? Well, you can now just flash your iPhone app, and they’ll scan it to get the information. It saves having to lug around some stupid piece of plastic in your wallet. One more card in there’s gonna turn me into Costanza.

Now, here comes a little rant.

How is it that in 2009 we still have products only working in the US? The fact that the iPhone is a global product, and that apps can be pushed around the world is a huge indicator that software developers need to be thinking on a global scale. It’s pretty annoying to find out that we’re good enough to buy their coffee products, but not use their iPhone app to make our experience a little bit better. It’s a huge missed opportunity for Starbucks, and you’d think that they’d understand that considering they’re “globalization” experts, and the implications it might have if they only release an application for US customers. I started off excited to try this thing out, but then I was met with a “Only Works with US cards” notice. Now I’m just annoyed and adding one more company to my crap list. It started with Media Streamers, and now it’s moved on to Coffee Retailers. Anyone else want to crap on international customers, my list has room for a couple more?

Photo Credit: chrisdejabet

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